Christian Missionaries

Monday, August 28, 2006

After 26 days with us Max left Sicily to go back and start a new semester at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Hungary. He has been a real blessing and a great help for Jesus Generation's ministry. Everybody enjoyed his company ( especially the other guys who have been sleeping in the same room with him....playing video games untill late on the night!!) and appreciated his humbleness. We pray that the Lord will give us another opportunity to have again a time like this (maybe next summer). In the meantime we pray that the blessing and the provision of our Lord Jesus would be on Max's life carrying him wherever he will be.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wow... I have not words to tell you how amazing it was ti jump out of an airplane from 4200meters. it has been just AAMMAAZZIIINNGGGG!!
We reached the 4200 meter in 20 minutes and it took me just 2 min. to touched the ground. To see the ski from that high it is something very special... the silent that you can "hear" it is indescribable and Just when I was up there I realized how much I missed all those wonderful "things" you can find up to the sky.!!
I really want give thank to the Lord to provide the money and the opportunity to do it again. lots of thank to my lovely wife Cinzia for said "yes" to her crazy husband and for the fact she understand one of the my heart's passion.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ciao everyone…
We had a very funny day with almost all the youth from Jesus Generation! We have been in WAR!!
A war of water!! There were 2 teams one against another faithing without mercy to win territory.
Everybody was involve and there was nobody with dry clothes.

Max (the student from the Bible college) was against me and my team and at the end he was the loser and I was the winner!! ( I have told him to faith for me!!).
Another 2 days and I will jump from 4200 meter (13 800ft). I’m very excited to do it again after 12 years.

Today one of my friends from Rome came to visit us for a couple of days. He is not Christian (yet)…please pray for him that during this time together the Lord could touch his heart!!

Love and blessing

Friday, August 11, 2006

WE are still looking for a new propriety for the vision the Lord gave to us. Just yearstarday Cinzia and I went to look another one.
It was nice with lots of land all around and a big building (need to be rebuilded)in the middle. All of this was just 10min. away from the beach.
We don't know if this is the right one and as you can easly imagine it is not easy at all for us to reconize the propriety the Lord has prepared for us.
We need lots of prayer and faith. We would like to ask for prayer and if anybody receives any thing from the Lord about the propriety we would like to hear from you.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a crazy time!! I have been so busy that you cannot imagine. Saturday we had another great night here… a couple and another guy came for the first time and for the first time they heard the Gospel.

We had 2 games and to introduce the topic of JOY! Everybody had fun and lots of laughing! After that Max shared his testimony telling to everyone how difficult it has been to find Joy in this world even trying everything this world can offer to you.

For the first time we had LIVE worship!! Finally the Lord gave us the great opportunity to put together a BAND!
Davide at the drums, Orazio at the bass, Turi At the electric guitar and Cinzia the “voice”!
We had a great time worshiping and they lead us very well!! Praise the Lord for it.

On Sunday I helped some relative to move his furniture from Rome to Catania and I had to drive for about 2000 km in 2 days…. I came back last night and the last straight I had I used playing on te bed with Sofia.

Today I have booked my day to jump with the parachute! It will be on the 18th of August from 4200 meter!! I have been waiting for the last 10 years for Cinzia says yes and she finally did!!
I cannot wait to be again in the sky very “ close” to God.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We are back home! After a great week of holiday we came back home last Saturday. We spend our last day off taking Sofia to one of the biggest AcquaPark of Italy which is just 10 min. away from our place. if there is something that Sofia loves that is Water... and she was in her "Kingdoms". We have been swimming and playing a different swimming pool for about 8 hours!! At the end I was exhausted and Sofia was the most Happy girl in the world!
Last Saturday for Jesus Generation night we watched a movie "Fighting Temptation" (if you have a chance watch it). After the movie we talked about the Freedom we have in Jesus and the different between "Religion" and "following Jesus".

Today Max a student from Calvary Chapel Bible College arrived!! He will be with us for almost all the month and I'm sure we are going to have a great time togheter. He will help us leading worship,organizing the Saturday night and in lot of others pratical works we need to do.

I'm still working to the Trip in England. We had some difficulty to rent the mini van for 10 days in Uk but Thanks to the Lord first and to Peter (thank you buddy you are an angel)we finally found it with a very Good Price. Please keep us and this trip in your prayer.

We love and bless you!