Christian Missionaries

Monday, March 31, 2008

I would like to dedicate this wondeful Italian song to the most precious and important person of my life. The one that the Lord using to bless and encourage me every day. My Wife Cinzia.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Closing the past year we realize how much God has done for us, in us and trough us. Reflecting on the faithfulness of God of the past gives you a bigger confidence for the times to come, He is faithful and He always will be.
At the end of January trough the generosity of Tchad and Andrea, we celebrated our birthdays in England, having a fantastic time of rest and fun with the Western’s family which has now a new member: the beautiful and sweetest Natasha Hope ! We also had the chance to see friends and “Tom members” and as always we came back refreshed and reenergized.


For this year we decided to not have anymore the 24h prayer but a prayer meeting once a month with all the church members.
We are praying for direction and wisdom as the selling of the property comes to an end.
We started to look for a new place around the city center to host the church meetings and at the same time to run a cafeteria which will give us the chance to support our self, give others some job opportunities and to be constantly in touch with the young people outside the church environment.


March is a month of expectations, winter in this house has been really cold and difficult, so we are looking forward for spring time not only for warmer days but also to see the planted seeds to blossom out.
We will have the very much wished visit of Bob and Mary Hopkins and Bruce and Colleen Mounsey who will minister to the church and to Jesus Generation’s group. We are sure the Lord will use them mightily to bless all of us.


Pray for the visit of our English friends for protection and guidance as the will minister to us.

Pray for Sergio a guy who has contacted us after the outreach in December and who is really interested in knowing more about God, that his heart will receive God’s Word and be saved.

For us for protection and guidance while the needs around us are becoming bigger in number and in matter, that we will be strengthened with might trough His Spirit.

For a new car and our finance.