Christian Missionaries

Friday, October 20, 2006

We had a very important meeting last night with the leadership of the church where we are serving. We talked about some important stuff for the future and Cinzia and I shared with them some of our dreams and vision that the Lord gave to us. Once again we have been amazed to see the openness and the availability of them in all the points we touched.

We really believe that the Lord is preparing the ground for something special here! We are already seeing it every Saturday night. Last week we could not close the pray room because everybody wanted to spend time with the Lord there. We prayed for one another and I think we had one of the most FANTASTIC time of worship since we started our Saturday night. One girl came inside the room and crying she said to us " I never see before somebody close to God like this group of people" Praise the Lord!!!

Now we are organizing the Christina concert on the November the 4 with the band from California "What about Sunday". ( rent a small public place (About 150 sits) and our prayer is that the Lord will fill the place with lots of people who does not know HIM and fill the Place with His Glory so THEY MAY SEE AND KNOW, AND CONSIDER AND UNDERSTAND TOGETHER THAT THE HAND OF THE LORD HAS DONE THIS, AND THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL HAS CREATED IT. (Isa.41.19,29)

I'm trying to have another distribution of Book of Hope in the School. It is hard to go through but I know that the Lord will open the doors no one could open!!

Please pray for us, for the time the team will spend here, for the people who are close to God and for those who are still far away.

We really love you and we appreciate your prayer and love very much!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We Celebrated Sofia's second birthday!! She had a great party with lots of others kids and presents. It was wonderful to see Sofia and all these kids playing and laughing for about 2 hours. They had some games,sweet food and lots of fun!!
At the end of the night Sofia was the most happy little girl in the world.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ciao everyone,
Sorry for the late, but since I came back from England I did not have time to update this blog.
We had a wonderful week with Tchad Andrea and Isaac. They came here in Sicily for a week to spend some quality time together.
Cinzia and I have been very busy in doing lots of different things and and little by little we recognized how much rest in the Lord we needed.
It is very easy to get lost in the ministry and I think the Lord with all His goodness toke us back on the right track, reminding us that what is important for Him is our being and not our doing.
Now we are working on our schedule trying to give the right place to everything being very careful how and where we are spending our time and energy. We believe it is very important to live a life on the right balance.

Last Sunday we went to see for the second time a Propriety on the cost. It seems to be perfect for what we need and for the vision the Lord gave us. It is very big with lots of land and a huge house where we could do the bed and breakfast and the cafeteria. It is on one of the main road and about 2/3 Km from the beach. The cost to buy it is 1.000.000 of euro.
We are praying about it and moving in faith waiting for His confirmation and provision. We started Lifeshapes in 2 different churches this week....the people are loving it!! Praise the Lord.
Please keep us in your prayer!!!

Love and blessing
Marco and Cinzia