Christian Missionaries

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ciao dear friends,
The month of May is going so fast! After the concert in Rome we are back to normal but still exiting life here, the things are going on and we are seeing little and big miracles in our lives and in those around us, GLORY TO GOD!
In June we will have a retreat week-end with our “core group”, we want to invest time with them, praying for them, serving them, and listen to the Lord with them for the next steps, please pray that those days (the 1th to the 3th of June) will be a time God will meet all of us in a very special and deep way. This coming Saturday night it will be an “out” night we are inviting friends to come and watch with us a movie “facing the giants” please pray it will be an opportunity to see God touching many lives. The Sunday youth celebration is going well many young people from other churches have started to come. One of the oldest leader of the churches in Catania, the man who has started all of them in the latest 1974, has encouraged us in an amazing way, having received some words from the Lord on our ministry, but please keep on praying for God’s wisdom and guidance in our lives. This week-end from Friday at 16:00 to Saturday at 16:00 we will have 24 hours prayer, it will happen in the middle of a special appointment which is a ten days of world wide prayer, we invite everyone who can to join us for this event.
We would like to take the chance to thank all of you who are supporting us not only trough prayer but also financially. Recently we have received some offers from “unknown” sources too, and beside thanking the Lord for His provision we would like to thank all of you who are giving part of your finances to bless and encourage us in this way. We finally have open “Jesus Generation ministry” and in a couple of weeks we will have a bank account for the specific needs of the ministry so that if some of you wants to give not only to us as family but specifically to the mission you can.
We are still looking, as some of you have suggested to us, for a number of people who will commit them self to give 20 Euro a month to build our support, but it looks like God is not fully allowing that for now, maybe we still need to learn about depending entirely on Him, even if we do not know any other way to live an abundant life but depending totally on Him!!!!
Being sure of your love and support, we pray our beautiful Lord will keep you and bless you in His own special way and that He will keep on unifying His church in Italy and all around the world.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The past week-end has been one of the most beautiful in my life.
With a couple of guys we travelled from Catania to Rome, to go to the first concert of the Delirious in Italy. Not many of our youth knew this incredible band but they trust my opinion and took the chance and follow me in this tiring but exiting trip to Rome.

It was great! Through Turi who writes for a Christian magazine, I had the opportunity to interview the band with him, and we were amazed to see their humbleness and their simplicity, as they described them self : “white pieces of paper where God can write on”.

They spoke to my heart, and I pray that God will give us the opportunity to organize some days something with them.

The concert was fantastic, we were all overwhelmed by God’s presence , and it was so encouraging to see many young people all worshipping the same Lord, and once again witnessing how the music and more than any other Christian music can overcome every language and cultural barrier.
So even if a little tired we came back refreshed and recharged and I believe next time more people will come with us for a Christian concert.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Team from Coventry

From the 18th to the 26th of this past month we had the joy to have again Anne Findley with Gareth Irvine who had led for the second time a team from their “FORM ”. They were all young guys between twenty and twenty-five years old and all of them have worked hard to collect the money to come here and serve God together in Catania. We really appreciated their desire to serve along with us in the work we do through Jesus Generation to God’s glory.

With the guys from Coventry there was Jenny Campbell a lady we met the first time in Sheffield and who is part of the Mission Order as Marco and I. She has a very strong prophetic gift and she helped us to better understand this ministry and the gift of prophecy, teaching our core group on Thursday night and on Sunday at the church meeting as well.
Even though this kind of teaching was pretty new for many of the people in church, I believe it was for most of them a blessing.
We started the week-end with the most beautiful of the projects, our monthly 24 h prayer, which begun on Friday night and finished on Saturday night before our meeting with the youth. As always in that occasion God encouraged and blessed us trough His presence and some specific words which we communicated to everybody during the meeting. The guys of the team encouraged and supported Marco and some other youth while they were going out on the piazza to meet the young people who every afternoon hang out there. While they were talking to a little guy, they felt God pushed them to tell this guy the story of Zaccheo, which left him very touched and he asked what could he do to become a friend of Jesus!!!!

Then on Sunday we had two different meetings as many of you will already know, beside the traditional service, we have now another one for the young people who are starting to become very hungry for God’s presence. We asked Gareth to share with us on the freedom in worship, which many times Italian people have observed in the lives of those young “English” friends….. it was great, God’s presence ministered to all of us, and at the end of the service (almost 11,00pm )we took the guys to have something to eat outside.
Monday and Thursday had been days for practical jobs, for the collection of the food for the families in needs, and for some city sights, and because was holiday on Wednesday we decided to go to some friends of ours (Katy & Martino)who have come just recently in Sicily from U.S.A to start to work in a little village in Trapani. It is a beautiful place but very different from Florida, and they feel a little isolated, so we went there to have some rest and fun with the team but also to refresh and encourage them.
They really appreciated our presence and the beauty of those place just ministered to our soul, infact we have decided to take there the core team on the next holiday (the second of June) to have a time of rest and retreat, pleas pray it will be an opportunity for all of us to be refreshed and recharged from our Lord, and that He will unify us even more than we are now.
The team left from there to Palermo airport on Thursday, while Marco and I stayed for another night ready to start another week on the work our Lord has entrusted us with. Please continue on praying for us:
For our vision of the property;
For a help on the worship group and for a new sound system;
For our finances;
For the desire to go to the States.
Thank you all for your support and prayers, may our dear Lord infinitely abound you all with His love and blessing.