Christian Missionaries

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank you for your prayers! We had a fantastic time at the first youth service on Sunday. There were around 15 of us here, and we spent more than an hour worshipping together before I shared. Some of us went for something to eat together afterwards. The youth are so excitied to have something which is for them, and we were so glad to spend lots of time worshipping - we want to see the youth become more and more hungry for God. Next Sunday we will have the team from Coventry with us. They arrive tonight, so we are preparing the house today. On Friday and Saturday we will have 24 hours of prayer at the house (from 4 pm Friday). Then they will be at the youth events Saturday and Sunday and church on Sunday. Next week we will visit Etna with the team, then they travel to stay with Martino, our friend who is church planting near Palermo, before they fly home. We also have a friend from the UK, Matthew, with us who is here for a week's holiday. We are so excited about all that is happening with the youth, please do keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just a prayer request:
This Sunday will be a special Sunday for us and for Jesus generation. After 6 months of prayer and seeking confermation from God we will start the "youth Sunday Service" in our church. T From this Sunday there will be 2 service. One from 6pm to 8pm as normal, and another one from 8:30 pm to 10:00pm.
This last one will be the "new" one. It will be a time for all the guys who are coming on Saturday to have another wonderful opportunity to worship and seeking the Lord Jesus. We would like to preach and share the idea of "Come as you are". I really believe it's important to share the Love of Jesus to those who are "scare" about church. it will be a time of rubuilding what as been destroyed in people's lives from the enemy and we know that it will be a time where we will need Jesus more than anything else. So we would love to be support with your prayers. Everybody are very excited about this new way to GIVE a time of worship to God but we know that the enemy will try his best to stop and discourage us from receiveng the Blessing of our Lord Jesus. Please pray that the Lord will protect this time and will give us the wisdom to lead it as He wants. We really feel the responsability for the new step God called us to do. So thank you so much already for your help and support. We love and bless you in Jesus

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WE ARE ONLINE!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! after 3 months of crazy "things" with the telephon and internet company we finally have internet access home!