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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just an update about the house:
We meet the landlord on Sunday and we talked about the rent and our desire to rent the house. He asked me how much we were willing to pay and I said that we could pay no more than 600 euro per month. He was not very happy with that because he is trying to rent the villa for 1200 euro (The double!!!).

I asked him to pray and to be free to make his own decision. I told him that his YES or No it will be for us the answer and the confirmation from God too. The most important thing for me and Cinzia is to be sure of God's will in this situation. We are praying to make the right step with the Lord and until He will not confirm His perfect will for us we will not move, but in the same time we are facing another winter where we live and it is very hard for us (especially for Sofia) to keep living in a place that needs lots of works of reconstruction.

Please keep this situation in your prayer.
Pray that if the Villa is the place that the Lord wants give to us that He will touch the heart of the Landlord or if God has something different for us that he will guide us to it.

We had a great time with Lisa, Lynn, Jenny. They have been a great blessing for lots of ladies and for the youth!!
LOts of love

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hello sorry for the late!|

As many of you know we have been praying to find a place for us as a family. We knew that the place where we are living at the moment it was no more good for us for lots of different reasons. The most important one it is too cold during the winter and so we asked to the Lord to show us His will so we could follow it.

In the same time the room we are using for our youth's night on Saturday it is to small now and we were wondering where to put all the people that the Lord is bringing to us.

Just 2 days ago during a conversation with a couple from our core group, we came to know about this huge villa which is perfect for what we would like to do for the Kingdom. It is perfect for us, for Saturday night and to host teams.

The Landlord is a lovely Christian and he told us that he really feel that he should rent this place to us.

We did not decide anything yet.. we are praying to make sure that this is what the Lord wants for us. Please pray for us too and if you feel anything please let us know.

We will call him in 2 days time to know how much it will be the rent every month and after that we will have to make a decision.

Last night Lisa Callins and another 2 gierls came from Calvary Chapel Bible college Hungary to spend couple of days with us.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ciao everyone who is reading this blog!! It has been one of the most wonderful week we had since we are in Sicily!! the Lord Jesus did more that we could even imagine!! The team from Calvary Chapel Shoreline has been a huge blessing for us and for Jesus Generation ministry.
The concert we had last saturday was very very good. I mean the band was just Fantastic and all the people around us has been blessed from them and from the wonderfull time of worship we had! Couple of people gave their lives to Jesus and all the rest of the group received lots of encouregement and a new passion for Jesus!! Praise The Lord!!
On Sunday morning we had the baptize on the beach. Sara, Paolo, Naomi and Stefano have been baptized. I cannot how much joy we had in our heart when these 4 people get in the water to commitment their lives with the Lord. It was the first time for me to baptize someone and it was amazing!! Stefano came to be baptized agaist the will of his family and even if it was hard for him to do it, the desire to honor his saviour was more strong than anything else.
During the week we collected even the olives from our trees and we made our own olive oil. The guys from California really enjoed this new experience.
We thank you so much because we know that some of you have been praying for all this and let me tell you that we really felt the blessing upon us.. so thank you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

After 4 days in Rome we are back home. it was good to spend some time with Luca and Deby and all our friends and family there.
The team from Calvary Chapel Shoreline is here with us!! Praise the Lord!! They arrived at Catania airport after 14 hours flying from California. We had our first time worship after dinner and it was just Amazing!!
On Saturday night we will have the concert and all of us are looking forward to see what the Lord has prepared for His glory. Please pray for it because the enemy jas already tryed to make problems and to stop us to have this uncreadible chance to present Jesus Christ to those who does not know Him.
On Sunday Morning Sara, Paolo, Noemi e Stefano ( the guy from Book of Hope distribution) are going to be baptized on the beach. PLease keep these people on your prayer (expecialy Stefano) because the enemy is trying his best to discourege them.
Love and blessing Marco