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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hello everyone,
Did you have a nice Christmas... I hope yes!!
Anyway... we are moving to the new place and as you can imagine it means lots of work.... The first event in the new house it will be the celebration of new years eve with all the group of Jesus generation and some others friends!! We are starting a new season, in a new place celebrating a new year. Funny isn’t?

I will update this blog as soon as possible… Cinzia, Sofia and Myself wish for all of you an amazing new year full of the Blessing and the peace of our Lord Jesus. Our Prayer for this 2007 is that May the Lord Jesus fills each one of His children with an abounded lives as He has promised!!!

We Love you!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Our God is Good!! I would like to open this update with these words just because it is true!!
We had a wonderful experience yesterday with the Lord’s goodness while we were having the meeting with the landlord. It was a special meeting where all of us have been blessed from the lovely presence of our Lord Jesus among us.
The landlord and his wife were so happy and full of peace that I was amazed. They said that the Lord clearly told them to rent the house to us and He confirmed it giving them His peace and joy.
Cinzia and I have been so blessed to hear those words that you cannot imagine. Once again the Lord showed to us how great He is and how wonderful is to be His children.
Of course from January on we have to pay 1000 euro a month, but we are sure that He will take care of us always. I already baptized this house the “House of testimony” because I’m sure that God will use this place to show to people Who He is and all His care and love for His people.
We will move in this new place at the beginning of the New year, starting so a new season with God.
We thank you sooo much all of you who has been praying for us. A big thanks to Tchad, Andrea, John and Liz. You are our angels!! We love all of you very much and we will never stop to give praise to our Lord for all the wonderful brothers and sisters around the world.

With love and blessing
Marco cinzia and sofia.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hello everyone

I did not have a time to update the blog because we had a very busy week. Cinzia and I decided to move from our place to Cinzia' parents house. We really believe that our time at the "Centro Rifugio" is finished. We still are praying and waiting to know the Perfect God's will for our lives and until the Lord will not show us the next step we "rent" a small room for the 3 of us.

Of course it is not what we want or what we need but we did not have any others options.
I had a conversation with the landlord couple of days ago. He told me that he could not rent the house to us because he misunderstand some words in our previous meeting, but when I explained to him everything properly, He changed !!!

I believe the enemy tried to put confusion in his mind to make everything more difficult for us. The Lord had been faithful and in control! Now, He is waiting for my call because he asked me a remake our offer for the rent. We told him that we could pay 600 euro a month, but for the kind of house is very cheap rent, so he said if we could pay a little bit more than that he would be very happy to give us the house!

I spoke to him just 2 days ago and he told me that the amount of money he wants every month is 1000 euro. At the beginning I was a little discouraged but after a conversation with Cinzia and some of the other close people, we felt peace. Several brothers and sisters are praying for a clear guidance from the Lord Jesus in this situation and we can feel that our Lord will not allow any mistake with this house.
We have the final meeting tomorrow morning with the landlord and it will be the last one, so if any of you will read this blog, please keep un in your prayer.

We are praying because of course we don’t have enough money to do it, but we know that if God will confirm this house He will be the faithful ONE who will help us to pay this house.

I started the Revelation Study on Sunday for the church where we are serving. It has been a privilege for me to start this study . As some of you know I love this Book and I thank God for the chance He is giving to me to share it with the church.

We had a great day as a family last week and Sofia had her first experience with a horse… She was the most happy girl in the world. Praise the Lord for all the good “ Things He gave us”.

Please keep us in your prayer. Pray for this situation with the house, pray that the Lord will give us a clear direction for the next steps. Pray that we can have our own house soon.( After 6 years we still wait for it.).

We thank you for your love, kindness and pray to us. God bless you richly.