Christian Missionaries

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dears in the Lord, a few months have passed since we wrote our last letter and for this reason we ask your forgiveness. We had a summer very busy!

During the wonderful time in England, we not only had a chance to join the Mission Order’s Conference in Bristol, but we also had some rest at the Western’s house in Sheffield. We had been refreshed there and we could prepare our self both physically and spiritually to go back home and to start our first youth camp as Jesus Generation.

We started with the teenagers: Boys and girls from 11 to 14 years old had the opportunity to share a wonderful time with each other and a precious time with God. We thought on
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”(2 Corinthians 5:17)

The mornings were full of joyful activities and the evenings we met together to spend time at God’s presence and to let Him change our lives. Even though the structure of the meetings was pretty simple, with no worship band playing and no big preachers to speak, in absolute simplicity we praised and worshipped the Lord who evening after evening has shown His power in the life of those guys.

We had the privilege to see some of them accept Jesus as their Lord and some others renew their commitment and devotion to Christ.

Then we had the youth group formed of about 30 people almost all young couples with little children so as you can imagine it was not quite and easy. We taught on “ The Kingdom” and even though we weren’t sure of our organizing and teaching abilities, the Lord has given us grace to see His glory among us.

It was the first time we did something like that so we totally trust in Him who is always able to do more than we can wish and imagine and so He did!!

We rented the place for 3000 euro. The camp was already started and we were still lacking of more than 800 euro, and food to buy for another week. But, before the end of it we had all the money required and everyone’s belly satisfied!! Praise the Lord..He is amazing and always faithful!

After almost 4 weeks of camping in which we had been involved in every area, we had to move, we left the villa to go and live in an apartment. As almost everything here in Italy the move was not easy.

It has taken about 3 weeks to be able to cook and eat in our new house and almost a month to be able to take a shower! During this time though we have seen God’s provision through the generosity of many people who have given us furniture and money to buy all the things we needed.

We are happy to say that now we have a very nice and comfortable home thank the Lord. The location of this apartment makes our life easier because we do not need to take the car to do anything like it was in the past and 90% of the people who attend to the same church we go lives in the same area.

Please pray the Lord that we will have many opportunities to share the Gospel with our neighbors.

A few days ago we found a new place also for the Saturday meetings, it is in the city centre so it is easier to reach and we hope that would encourage many people to join it.
The main church is still looking for a new place where to meet and beside that it is in a delicate time so please pray for us that the Lord will guide us and provide us with the wisdom this time requires.

Please pray also for:
· Strenght and passion for the work God has given us to do
· Our finance and a new car
· Protection for the core team (Unity and discernement)
· For Mission AGAPE: The work at the refugee camp is going well, their trust toward us has increased and we thank Lord for now some other churches are willing to join us in it. So please keep on praying for “AGAPE” that we will be able to show the pure and perfect love of God, to the needy of our city.

Thanks and God bless.
Marco Cinzia e Sofia Basile