Christian Missionaries

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So a quick update:

September was a month with Richard fom Exeter (he comes every year) which was spent translating for him in 5 different churches and being involved in Ministry with him. It was a great time receiving from the word of God.

October has started and we had a great 4th birthday party with Sofia with loads of children sharing the day with her.

We are looking at moving again. It feels like we have been on a journey of stepping stones and are not yet at our final place. Our vision and heart remains the same to see a generation come back to Jesus, to do this we must impact the churches which are fragmented by division and sin.

We have found a potential property for the next step and have peace about it but don't feel like there is a feeling of "wow this is where we are meant to be." The property fits what the people of the church are asking God for, but is not what we had necessarily in mind. However, at the meoment we are tied into the church of Cinzia's father and this would make an ideal place for them and would be a place where we could settle some of our rhythm issues as we need to spend more time seeking His face and it is hard where we are.

To settle the church on this next stepping stone would allow us freedom to move away from it for the next step. A potential concern is that the money that the church has given to us would be tied into this property and would leave us with nothing financially but He is a big God and it might also free us more.

The new place has a school 2 minutes walk away a playground next to it , supermarket and bar a few minutes away on foot and lots of the current chrch members within 5 minutes walk - all of which is not the case where we are at the moment where we have to drive everywhere (even to put the rubbish out).

The new place is for sale which is different from the renting that we have been doing, however, this again shows that it could be a permenant base for the church. There is 400k euros in the bank but the property is currently set at 570k. It has a small garden is on 4 floors (the ground floor is 5m high at least) and has 6 bedrooms.

Tchad and Andrea are with us at the moment and are processing with us.

Blessing Marco, Cinzia and Sofia