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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A couple of weeks ago we went to our friend Martino. We drove for about 3 hours to go to the other side of the island to pick to mechanic bull up and take it to Catania.

Martino bought this incredible machine to use it for the Kingdom. In fact we believe that using the bull on the piazza where lots of youth “live” during the week end we will have a great tool to reach theme and to preach the Gospel to them.

Because Martino had to go back to the US, he decided to leave the bull to us creating the opportunity to help the ministry of Jesus Generation. It is a wonderful blessing for us and we are praying that the Lord will open the right doors for us so we preach Jesus’ love to those who does not anything about it.

Last week end we had the visit of some people from the North of Italy. With some of them we planned different outreach for this coming summer. We really hope to be used from our Lord Jesus to bring many to the salvation and to see His Kingdom come among us. Because it we just started a prayer meeting with all the church once a month. We had the first one last night and it was amazing!

Cinzia, Sofia and I will be in Sheffield from the 28th of January to the 9th of February. The Lord gave us this wonderful opportunity to go to our “Spiritual home” among all the brothers and sisters we love. It will be a time of rest and recharging our “Spiritual battery”…. We need very much.

We praise the Lord for His kindness and love… thank you for your prayer.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thinking of this past year....

Hello everyone.. finally after all this “crazy” days I have found some time to update this blog.
December it has been a very busy month. We had lots of different activities here and also the privilege to host some friends from Rome .
As every end of the year I like to remember what the Lord has done month after month during this 2007.

January: The Lord gives us the new house where we are living at the moment. We have been so blessed by this place that I would ever imagined. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision to pay the 1000 euro rent since the beginning. Tchad and Andrea come to see the new place and as good pioneers they are the first people to sleep in this new house.

February: Simon Ennis from Sheffield come to visit us and to have a time of retreat. We begin the man’s meeting once a month.

March: Some friends of us from US, Katy & Martino, come to spend the summer here in Sicily trying to plant a church in another city 200 miles away from us. Hanna and John from Sheffield with their lovely Josh come to have a test of the best country in the world “Sicily” J. We start again the 24h prayer every last Friday of the month.

April: Coventry’s team as every year since we are in Sicily, blessed us with their love and friendship. This time Jenny Campell from Sheffield joined the team to visit us. It was a time of “hearing from God” After 6 months of prayer and waiting for confirmation from the Lord, we started our youth meeting on Sunday. 10/04/2007 Jesus Generation is reconized as Charity!

May: the month starts with our trip to Rome. We went to worship the Lord with lots of other people from Italy for the Delirious’s concert. The first one in Italy. Turi and I have a chance to interview two of them . It was great to see their humbleness and their love for Jesus.

June: The first week end we take our “core team” to have a time of relax and fun to Martino and Katy’s house. It was great!! After a couple of weeks we go to Sheffield with Dario and Melinda and all the kids. This was a time of blessings and recharging our Spiritual battery attending to the Mission Order week end.

July: Tchad, Andrea and Isaac come back to have some beach time!! And some Family time…

August: Summer time. After a very busy winter and spring, the Lord provides for our family a wonderful week in one of the best coast of Sicily. Great see and amazing beach. With another 2 families we had a chance to rest while Sofia had lots of fun!! The Lord is good ..

September: Somebody said the most important month of the History!! Marina and Matteo a couple who is very involved in Jesus Generation Ministry, got married. After a very long engagement the Lord blessed them with a wonderful wedding. I had the privilege to preach in this very important occasion : I was terrified but the Lord helped me by His grace to share His word to them. This month we have Richard Curd’s visit. A dear friend of us who comes every year from Uk to ministry in different churches here in Catania. 3 guys from Jesus Generation got baptized!!! Davide (who was atheist until 2 years ago), Manuela and Noemi. Praise the Lord for this amazing day!
The Lord Jesus gave a wonderful week end to me and Cinzia to celebrate our 10 years anniversary.

October: As Jesus generation Group we go to a youth week end to meet other people from different churches in Sicily. It was good to meet again friends and worship God all together. Our old friend Scott Steelman was there too with a team from Healing Church in California. It was a blessing having this time with them!! I praise the Lord for such a lovely people He put around our lives. Sofia turns 3 year old and starts to go to pre-school.

November: We are involved as Jesus Generation, in serving the community where we live, In fact using our van we helped a big Charity to collect food from different super market for people in need. It was fantastic to see lots of different people and organization working for the same goal!

December: One of the most busy month of the year. We go to another youth week end in Messina ( a city about 70 miles away) where we had a very nice time. Just Before Christmas the Lord gave us an incredible opportunity. Saturday 22 and Sunday 24 we set a stand inside the biggest shopping Centre in our city. Inside there were lots of different organizations and charities, but no one of them was Christian. All of them were there to make money , we were there to show Jesus and have the chance to share His love to those who are seeking Him. We had a big frame behind us, which said: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”. Some people stopped to ask information about us and our mission, and with those we had the privilege to share the Gospel. It was amazing to see some of them leaving us with tears on their eyes. We gave out about 6000 flyers, 200 Christian calendars, and lots of other things.

Christmas and New years’ eve have been just amazing!! Almost 50 people come to celebrate those important days with us, and we used this great opportunity to share Jesus as much as we could. Just before New years’ eve I received a phone call from a guy who received our flyer at the shopping centre. His name is Sergio. After he received our flyer, he went to visit our web site and he has been touched from what he read on it, so he called me and we met for about 1 hour and a half. At the end he told me that he would like to know more about us and maybe there is a chance to have him for a dinner during the next weeks. Please pray for him that he would open more and more his heart to the Lord.

Those news are just the highlights, month by month, of what the Lord Jesus has done through this year. I could write lots of other stories and miracle that we saw during these 365 days. His Faithfulness, His love and His hand have been with us day by day. I would like to finish with 3 verses that I received just before the end of this year and that I believe they are what the Lord is asking us for this new year. Psalm 37:3,4,5. I hope you will be blessed from these words as much I have been.