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Friday, December 21, 2007

We really wish a marry Christmas and a wonderful new year full of the blessing and the Joy of our Lord Jesus!!! With Lots of love Sofia, Mamma e papa'

Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear All

as always we are sorry about our little effort on comunications and we strongly hope that this e-mail will found you very well.

Coming to the end of this year we realized how time goes so fast so we would like to give you an update trying to put in words what the Lord allowed us to accomplish by His grace and what it is still in our hearts to do for His glory.

As you will know we are discipling a little group of people Melinda & Dario, Marina & Matteo, Graziella and Turi, who are also helping us in the ministry the Lord has entrusted us with Jesus Generation.

Together we organize, week after week, a Saturday night for youth, especially the ones there are not Christians yet, and a Sunday celebration for the ones which are already serious with God. During the week we also have several opportunities to spend time together having fun and discussing of important matters as well, a kind of house groups one of younger people led by Marina & Matteo, the other of married couples which we lead with the help of Melinda & Dario.

Turi is running the Thursday’s night arts, several courses for mainly not Christian people he meets trough internet or around the city at night, in which he teaches music, painting, photograph etc.

Graziella on Monday goes out with the single girls and usually that is the opportunity to bring always new friends to meet the group.

Our music band is improving even if we still need a big help (a new drum, a new keyboard, some bass player…) but every one is growing in his relationship with God and in a different level of worship. We have also a drama group now, which is starting to learn some dramas and mimes for evangelistic events.

We recently have been offered the opportunity to go in a big commercial centre, the biggest in our area, on the last two week-end of December, with a sort of bench with flyers, books and anything will help to let people understand who we are and what we do. It is just a miracle many other famous organization have been fighting to have this opportunity and are paying money to be there, while it was offered to us and for free!!! Please pray that this opportunity will be used 100% for God’s glory and that many people would be reached by His word. We bought some Christian calendars to give out for the occasion and we probably would offer our help on wrapping Christmas presents for people just to chat with them and bless them.

We are working on a little booklet made of testimonies and reflections, poems, songs and some other artistic ways to share our experience with the Lord Jesus with our not Christians friends. Turi is designing it but the youth have given their help as well. Please pray that the Lord will guide every step of the project and that He will provide the money to print many copies of it.

The property of the church ( the old “Centro Rifugio”) is finally almost sold, so we are now looking for a new place to buy which will host the church meetings and also, God willing, our project to run a Cafeteria and all the other “events” of Jesus Generation.

We are now sure that God is leading us to have a place in the city centre, beside the always present vision of the big property for the B&B, the Christian camp and all the other projects which so many time we have shared with you. Please continue to pray for guidance, wisdom and finances for this vision. We have now a bank account as Jesus Generation even if we are not able yet to refund taxes for those who will make some donations, at least now there is a board who share with us the responsibility of the administration staff!!

Finally we ask you to keep on praying for our family. This is a time when everything seems so big and we feel so little, the guys problems, the government of our nation which does not give any hope for a good future, the warmness of the traditional church, our finances which always depend on the generosity of the friends God gave us, the dreams that are still dreams and not reality yet.

To repeat what has been said on the Order of Mission conference, from an unconscious way to operate through the power of God now we have the conscience that we need His power to do everything He asks us to do, and still we lack the confidence we are the right people to do it. People willing to dedicate their lives to His calling having the discipline to spend their days at His feet, seeking His face and His heart for this generation. So please pray for us!!!

We are very grateful for everything the Lord provides for us and for the way our little Sofia is growing by His grace.

She started school last month, and now to use her words: she understood that there is not need to cry at school because mum always come to pick her up afterward. She is always happy and outgoing like Marco, and her love and kind words for us are a big reminder of the kind of love and gratitude, as children of God we should show to Him.

We are so thankful for the mercy He continues to show us giving the strength and the passion day by day to fulfill the calling He put in our hearts, and by faith we are sure that He will meet every needs we have, so we ask you once again to pray for:

Wisdom and guidance to administrate money, time and resources.
Integrity and passion to be an example for the people God put close to us.
Eyes and ears open to receive revelation from above and discernment of times and spirits.
A new car for it seems the old one wants to leave us.
Hearts desiring to keep on supporting us financially or to start to do it, for all the normal needs our family has.

We thank the Lord for the huge blessing He has given us through your friendship and love, we ask Him to bless you and your family through His infinite richness.

With much love Marco, Cinzia & Sofia Victoria.