Christian Missionaries

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello everyone,
We give thanks to the Lord for His amazing goodness, He is always faithful!!
We spent a beautiful week with Tchad, Andrea and Isaac, more than dearest friends to us, part of our family indeed; they are always God’s instruments to bring blessing in our lives in every possible area.

While enjoying some nice weather here, they observed how the work of Jesus Generation was doing, encouraging us and sharing with us what the Lord was telling them about it. It’s always a joy and a big encouragement to all the guys who know them to see them here and feeling their love for us.
We are about to change a little now the shape of what Jesus Generation is because of all the other ministry opportunity God has given to us. During the summer we are getting in touch with more people and even if for now is pretty much a social event we are literally forming small groups which will start to run after the summer time.

We are looking forward to see how the young adult Sunday celebration will be shaped after this month, and exited to realise some of our youth to lead our Saturday night. We are leading our core team to lead now!! Some of the activity will be still in D1 but others like Saturday night will be in D3 and very soon in D4.
We feel this is a time when the devil has asked to “sift us like the wheat” , many of us are going trough very difficult times, big problems, discouragement, but we know in whom we have believed in and that as it is said in 1 Peter 1:6-7 In this you greatly…..
Please pray for God’s grace upon all of us for this peculiar time, that His strength will be perfectly shown throughout our weakness.
We saw recently a new property adaptable to the vision God has given us, it is about 25km away from Catania and even if it is in the country side it is close to the sea too. It will be perfect for a B&B, retreat place or a Conference Centre a bit less for the cafeteria for it is not in a main road; we posted some pictures of it, and we will appreciate if besides your prayer for guidance on this matter you will come back to us with anything you will sense or hear from God.

This Friday as every ending of the month we will have 24h prayer, if you have any request please let us know we would be happy to add them to our list, and pray for you. We will pray from 4 pm on the Friday until the Saturday at 4pm if you’d like to join us from where you are it will be great.