Christian Missionaries

Saturday, June 30, 2007

God is not a rule-giver but a Life-giver.
A Father who wants to give you good things and include you in on the good things He's doing!

Friday, June 29, 2007

From the 4:00pm today to the 4:00pm of tomorrow we will pray for people and needs around the world. if you have any request please email us to . We will pray for you and for your needs..... "
The effective, fervent prayer of righteous man avails much"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello everyone.. we are still in England. here it does not seems summer at all. It has been raining since we arrive and it did not stop not even for one day.
The Mission Order Conference was just amazing as always. We had the wonderful privilege to share what the Lord is doing in Siclily and to receive lots of prayer from the lovely people we meet here.
Unfortunally Dario and Melinda did not have the opportunity to visit Sheffield because both their kids got sick with hight temperature and Chicken pox (I don't know if I spelled right the word, but I'm sure you understand). We spend some good time with Eunice and Peter. They have been just a fantastic blessing for all of us. Their care and love for us it was really amazing!! Thank you guys and God bless you! Sofia (as you can see from the picture above) had great fun too. She did not have any problem to play and organaizing some "attack" with the other kids even if they did not understand each other. The Power of children!
Today Dario and I helped Tchad to move lots of forniture from his old house to the new one. It has been a very busy day but we really enjoyed the fun we had while we were working. We finished the day with lots of pizza and great people who came to spend some time with us. We will leave on Monday morning very very early, about 2am from Sheffield. We really appreciate your prayer expecially for healing and protection for the kids. I will tell you more about this time in Sheffield asap. May the Lord bless you each one of you reachly!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We are sorry that we could not have time to update this blog since the last post, but it has been a very busy time. We are leaving with Dario and melinda and all our kids to Sheffield where we will have the privilege to be part of the Mission Order Conference. It will be for sure a time of rest, fun, family and encouragment for all of us. We are really thankfull to our Lord Jesus and to those who gave us this uncreadible opportunity once again to be among our Family in St.thomas.

Please pray for guide and protection while we will be traveling with our kids and for a time of "New" things from the Lord in our lives.

We will let you know everythind as soon as we are back.

Love and Blessing from Sicily

Marco,Cinzia and Sofia

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our core team (Dario,Melinda, Turi,Graziella, Marina and Matteo) and us are going to have a week end out to the other side of the island.
It will be a time of intimacy with the Lord. For this summer we would like to see the Blessing of our Lord Jesus on Jesus Generation's ministry and in all the missions we would like to do here in Sicily.
Jesus saied " I do only what my Father in Hevan ask me to do ". We want to do the same! Lots of things seems to be "good" but we want to be involve just in what the Lord wants for us and what it will be not "good" but the BEST for His kingdom.

So Please pray for this time with God that we will be able to reconize His voice and His guide for all the next steps we as a core team will do by the grace of the Lord.