Christian Missionaries

Thursday, March 22, 2007

We had the privilege to spend almost 10 days with two amazing couple. Martino and Katy from Florida and John, Anna and Elijah from Sheffield. Two different couple with the same love and passion for Christ. With them we had a time of talking, laughing, sharing and crying with God. We have been blessed from this time in any way possible. The bible says “ How good and how pleasant it is For the brethren to dwell together in unity!”. Psalm 133.1 This is very true. We really had a time of encouragement for each other for what is the call that our Father gave to us.
The food and the fellowship it was incredible…. Praise the Lord for the Sicilian food!!

On Saturday night John and Anna helped us with the worship. One of the guy who is part of Jesus Generation Davide shared his life with all of us. We had some new people among us who were with us for the first time. Davide talked about the two big miracle the Lord Jesus did in his life. The Biggest one was to change his life bringing him from someone who did not believe in God at all, to someone who was giving glory and honour to HIM for saving his life!!

The second great miracle Davide was giving testimony it was the healing of one of his shoulder. Because he had an accident with his motorbike last summer, he had a surgery in the right shoulder. The doctors were trying to rebuilt one of his tendon because it was broke. About 3 week ago Davide and I were praying and he asked me to pray for healing. I prayed laying my hand on his shoulder and asking the Lord to bless Davide’s life with the healing of this tendon.

Last week Davde went to the doctor to have a check up. The doctor was a little bit shocked when he sow the result of the examination or test he did on Davide’s shoulder. The tendon was completely rebuilt and perfect. He did not have any explanation for it, but Davide started to give Glory and thanks to the Lord!! Divide is going to the gym now and he is enjoying what the Lord has done for him. Some of his friends were with us on Saturday and they were without words at the end of Davide’s story. Some of them came to me telling me that they never had such of time like this!! Praise the Lord for His touch on this people’s lives.

We are longing to see more of this happen on this generation!! Thank you again for your prayer.

Friday, March 09, 2007

This is a photo from our last man meeting!! the wonderful cross is just in front our house and it is the most great place we have been to spend time with our Lord Jesus!!!

Jesus saied: " I'm the true, the way and the Life"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello everyone. Yes we are still alive!!
I have been tryiong to update this blog but it has been very hard without internet in our house. I'm still using an intenet caffe near our house but it is very expencive.
We are very well and praise God very happy in our new place. The house is just fantastic. Sofia is the most happy little gierl in the world right now. We will never stop to give thanks to our Lord Jesus for such a great place.

The Jesus generation group is doing very well too! Last Saturday night we had a special out reach night and about 10 new people showed up. We are trying to reach our neightbourds. In the street where we live and where we do church, there are lots of houses and almost everyday there are group of teens just in front our gate. We invited them to come on Saturday night for fun and food ... Please if you have any ideas how to reach the people who lives in the same street send to us. We are looking for ideas to have the chance to share the Gospel with them.l

Cinzia and I are praying and working for the next step the Lord called us to do. In April we will start by the Grace of God the first Youth Sunday Service in our city. A sunday service where this new generation can offer a worship service to Jesus as they want and as they are.
Please pray for it and for Jesus generation team, because we know that it will be a battle in the spiritual realm. The enemy is trying to destroy this new generation who is wonderefuly loved by the Lord.

very soon we will put online our new web site where you can read more of what going on among us here in Sicily.

We really want thank you so much for yuor prayer and for your support. We know that for every door the Lord opens for us there are lots of prayer behind.
I will try to uodate this blog more often during the next days.

Love and sicilian blessing
marco cinzia and sofia