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Friday, June 05, 2009

Dears in Christ,
Thanks to all have faithfully been praying for us, we really need and appreciate your prayers. Here it is a little update from Sicily.
We give all the glory to God for the wonderful baptism service we had on Sunday the 27th of May, it was simply glorious, His presence was tangible and His Word was anointed and powerful so that many people who were attending it have been touched! We really thank the Lord for Ketty, Fabrizio and Agnese, for their declaration to belong to Jesus our only Savior and Lord. Please keep on praying for them and for their walk with God.

Last week-end we have been to one of the bigger mole in Catania to preach the gospel. Trough the mechanic bull we received again the opportunity to stay in that place having the chance to talk to so many people to pray for many of them and to distribute lots of Christian literature. We would like to share with you some prayer request about that.
We are going to be again in that mole at the end of June, so please pray that the Lord will use us again for the salvation of many people.

We do not have much literature left and we realize that beside the gospels or the new testaments that we have been given the rest of the tracks are often not really adequate and relevant especially for the young people. We have made a little booklet with some of our stories, words of songs, pictures and thoughts about God which we are trying to publish but we do not have all the money required, so please pray for this project that the Lord will give us grace to rise some money and to publish it so that it can be a valid and relevant tool for all the other evangelistic events in the future.

This coming week-end our Saturday night meeting will be focusing on physical healing. After a time of worship we want to give God the opportunity to show us His love and His power ministering to us His healing, so please pray for us that we can clearly hear and follow His leading and that we can see powerful healings and God’s touch on the lives of many.

On Sunday after our regular morning service, there will be, in the afternoon, a concert of Michal W. Smith and Marco and I will be serving, during this event, translating for the different situations. Please pray for us for an improved ability during the translation and that this event will result at the glory of God and for the blessing of all who will take part at the concert.

In the end but not for it’s less important, please pray for guidance and direction for we are still looking for a new location for the church meetings and for us as family. We understood that the place we have been praying until now was not the place the Lord wanted to give us and so we started to look somewhere else. The time now though it’s going to be short because we really wish we will not have to spend another winter in this place so we need to move during the summer.
We trust the Lord and His mercy and provision for us as it always have been.

Thank you again for your sincere love and faithful prayers, may our Lord reward you and bless you richly.


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