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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dears in Christ we had a very blessed week end! The Lord has done more than I could imagine..

I had a great time with some of the guys who are coming ones a month to “Koinonia”, our man’s meeting. With them we spent 2 days in a wild and fantastic place in Sicily.

We slept in tends on the shores of a lake with the fire just in the middle of the camp, we did a barbeque and shared to each other our hearts. The morning after with a 4x4 car we reached another isolated place in the middle of the forest where we had a very powerful meeting with the Lord Jesus.
It was amazing to feel His presence touching our hearts!

Thank you Lord.

On Sunday we had a Baptism service. Another 3 people fruit of Jesus Generation has been baptized!! Praise the Lord. We celebrated this day on the beach, about 100 people came for the service and joined us for lunch .

The Lord’s presence was very real. I had the privilege to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the service. There were many people who were not Christian who went back home touched from the Holy Spirit and which we hope to meet soon to talk a little more about God.
It is always amazing to see someone who gives his life to the Lord and is being transformed by His love. Fabrizio, Ketty and Agnese have been a testimony of what the Lord can do when a person opens the door of his heart to the Lord Jesus.

They are the answer of Jesus to many people’s prayers. He is faithful and able to save, to heal and to set people free… still today.

I have been encouraged from what the Lord gave me the privilege to see during this last week end to keep on serving Him, and seeking His Kingdom in everything I do by His grace.

If you are reading this blog and you feel discouraged because you did not see yet what your heart desires, or maybe you have been praying for someone’s salvation or healing and it did not happened yet.. I very strongly tell you, please don’t give up but keep on fighting, praying and waiting on Jesus. He will answer your prayer just on the right time!


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