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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello everyone,
After a week from my accident I’m still in bed and I’m wearing the collar, but I really feel much better. My neck gives me still a little bit of pain, but I believe the Lord is healing it.
The entire house is like a theatre. The team from Milan is using every room to practise dramas, to dance and to play music. Last night we had a time of intersection and prayer and the Lord came and visited all of us. It was amazing!!
Unfortunately another guy from the team had an accident in Milan. He closed his hand on a press machine at work and he broke one of his fingers. The enemy is trying to stop us but the Lord once again reminded us that He is in Control and nothing will happen to us out of His perfect will for us.
Already the Lord gave us the privilege to lead someone to Him. Yesterday in the morning came in our house a salesman who knows us and who come to our place every other week. This guy came to sale some food to us and he left our place after praying the Salvation Prayer and inviting Jesus in his heart!! Glory to GOD… He is amazing…
I’m very grateful for what has happened to me. I had the wonderful opportunity to rest and to spend time with Jesus. He has been faithful, lovely and His presence has been with me every moment of my days, giving me the joy and the strength for a time like this.
I really thank you all of you for your prayers, phone calls and words of encouragement.
Please keep on pray for us … we really need it!!


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