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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear brothers and sisters,
we’d love to up date you all with what our summer time is about, so that, as always, you can support us with your prayers and love.
Just before Sicilian school had finished we took the chance to see our second family in Sheffield in occasion of the TOM gathering in June. There were two friends of us who wanted to come with us in England to find out a little more about St. Thomas and the Order of Mission. God allowed us to find reasonable tickets for the flight and a great deal for a car rental so together with our friends we went and had a wonderful time as always. It was fantastic to see the friends of the Order and to listen at the different stories from all over the world, and it was great to see since the first night, our little Sofia enjoying the company of everyone. She went around the room saying “hello” to everybody and then she run away because that was the only thing she can say in English for now!! The teaching was powerful and challenging and the idea of organizing a TOM gathering in Italy even more challenging!!! The rest of the week it was spent with the Western’s who are always loving and caring for us and who organized a beautiful good-bye barbecue ruined a bit by the rain, but we know by now that this is the fashion of England!!!!

When we came back there were already hundreds of things to do and we looked forward to some holiday time the Lord had provided for us in Calabria.

Beautiful beaches and very clear water, it was great, we were together with some member of our core team and especially the kids had a fantastic time. We enjoyed the place and the company as well but it was honestly not enough time to rest and some complications as the broke of the lift, that was supposed to take us at the fifth floor, made it more difficult to rest…… anyway we are thankful to the Lord for this time and we trust He will give us the grace to face the busy time in August we are going to have. Another beautiful beach-day we had it was last Saturday, when some friends from England Jenny and Gareth Irvine and Gareth’s mum came to visit us. They were having some vacation in Sicily and they took the chance to come and say hello to us and to Jesus generation’s guys. We spent the day at the beach and then we decided to have some worship time there instead of going back to have the Saturday meeting. It was great ! at the end we shared some testimony and we asked if anyone needed some prayer, two of the guys that were there who are not Christian yet, said they wanted to be more serious with Jesus and so we prayed for them. It was a very deep moment and everyone was blessed. Thank God!
We are specially thankful for another great chance the Lord has given us to testimony of His glorious name. starting from yesterday 22th of July for two weeks in the city center of Catania in one of the busiest street , in the middle of other commercial adverts there will be also a big one which says: “Christ has preferred to dye for you than living without you” and then our web site. It is the first time the church here does something like that but we are so happy and confident the Lord will use this opportunity to touch some people hearts. Please pray for this creative way to share the gospel in our city.
As we said August will be a very busy month, we will have the joy and the privilege to host a group of people from Milan, called “Stazione di Lode”. They are around 17 people and with them we are organizing some evangelistic events with music, mimes and dance. Please pray that the several permissions we had request would be approved, so that we can have the opportunity to talk of our Lord Jesus to as many people as possible during the fifteen days this group will stay with us. Please pray also for the time together in the house so that everything will go smooth and easy, and the Lord would bless everyone of us trough this time.

Other prayer request:
We are still looking for a new place where to move, please pray for guidance and direction that we can walk only the way the Lord has designed for us.

Our finances, we still need a new car and in June Turi the guy who was living with us and was helping to pay part of the rent, has gone back to his family. Please pray for wisdom and for new sources of support.

For Jesus generation and the decision we have to make for the next season, as the decision to have again two different Sunday’s celebration or to keep on staying all together as we are doing on summer time, please pray for wisdom, guidance, discernment so that we could hear clearly God’s voice and we could wholly follow it.

We’d like to thank you all for your faithful commitment toward us trough your prayers and support, we pray our Lord will reward you richly and keep you safe in His hand.


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