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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorry it's taken so long for me to update this, we've been very busy recently but hope that the testimony of what God's been doing with us is an encouragement to you.


In March we shared an amazing time of intimacy with God and ministry within our church when our friends Bob and Mary Hopkins, and Bruce and Colleen Mounsey came out to visit. Bruce and Colleen led a course on marriage and we invited 3 or 4 local churches to come and share with us, this was an amazing time of blessing for us and the time shared together was great fun and fellowship.


In April I visited my brother and nephews in Brescia with my dad. It was a wonderful time together playing with the boys and just spending some time hanging out.
Later in the month Tchad and Andrea came over to visit for 10 days with Isaac and Natasha, as always this was a great family time for all of us and the children really enjoyed playing together.

While they were here we also took the Bull to a local shopping centre called Etnapolis (the biggest in Sicily).

We were invited to go for 10 days and in this time we were able to give out 900 gospels of John and share our faith. One testimony in particular was about a little boy called Christian who is only 9 years old. Christian came along every day to go on the bull and over the time we were able to build up a relationship, on the last day his uncle brought him along. We had the opportunity to speak to him and discovered that Christian had serious problems with his heart and was going to have a heart transplant in the next few weeks so we asked if we could pray for him so we asked for Jesus to touch his life and if you can remember him we ask that you would also keep him in your prayers, as his operation will be on the 27th May.


At the beginning of May we had another big event with the bull this time on Mount Etna. There was an incredible response as 5000 people were there giving us an amazing opportunity to teach the gospel and share our testimonies.

On the 11th May we had a brand new addition to our family when Agnese, Cinzias sister had a baby boy called Gabriele.

We have also been organising a big event for the 27th May called Live in concert Alternative music. We would ask you to keep this in your prayers, it will be an evangelistic night when a Christian band will play, we will do a drama and I will be sharing a word. We're praying for lots of non Christians to come and hear the gospel and that we can build relationships with people.

Right now we have an amazing team from England staying with us from our big family in St Toms. They have come to spend 5 days with us and we have the great priveledge of serving the Lord together in different ways.


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