Christian Missionaries

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dear brothers and sisters here there are some prayer request from us:

Wisdom and guidance to organize the autumn meeting on Saturday night
Clear direction about a property we saw and which we think would be perfect.
Wisdom and guidance to build a ministry and a mission board
Provision for our family and support for the next season
Provision and support for the vision we have received (pub and B&B)

We would like to hear from you any Words that you may recive from the Lord for us while you are praying. It's very important for us to find ourself in the centre of God's perfect will, no elsewhere.

thank you for your love may God bless you reachly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi everyone,
I’m sorry if I did not have a chance to update the blog before but I could not find time during our England tour to do it.
What can I say? I’m still without words. Our first mission trip around UK was just FANTASTIC!
From Sheffiled to London through Coventry and Oxford the time we had was full of Jesus.
All the 12 of us had such a time that I’m sure no one of us will forget for the rest of our life. I will try to resume this time for you as good as possible but it will be very difficult.
Sheffiled: A time to meet lots of old friends from our Spiritual home St. Thomas church. The guys in the team had their first worship time in an English church with English songs! Cool!!
We had a lovely pic nic in one of the most beautiful place around Sheffiled and 2 B&Q nights with Tchad, Andrea, Eunice, Peter and lots of others wonderful friends. Thank you guys for all you have done for us!! A Huge Blessing for all of us. Matteo and I jumped from a Bridge on the river....the water was uncredible COLD, but it was very cool!!
Oxford: Past. Paul with his wife Palm, Peter and Titty have been just a lovely blessing too. We spend 2 days with them. The Lord Jesus used this time to challenger some of the guys on the team. We had a prayer time just before a service meeting on Wednesday night. During this time the Lord gave some words for the church to some of the guys on the team. It was the first time for them sharing a word from the Lord for somebody and that made them fell good because they understood that the Lord wants and can use them. After the worship we went on the street to give out some Mars bar to the people, telling them “Jesus loves you” or “ God cares about you”. We had the great opportunity to pray for a couple on the street and to see the people touched from Jesus through a small gift. All the guys on the team at the end were so encouraged and happy that all of them now are ready to do the same here in Catania. Praise the Lord!!!! A big thank you to Paul, Palm, Peter and Titty for the Kindness and Love you shared with us. Thank you for the shower, food and the patience you had with us… especially Paul when we get lost on the river!!!!! Bless you.
Coventry: To short!!! We wished to stay longer and next time we come we will do it! It was so good to see again Ana, Peter and all the guys from the team who came here in Sicily last March.
We had a great time sharing our visions, playing and chilling out with them. On Thursday night we had a small study about the baptism. I did not have any idea about what the Lord had prepared for us ( It is always like that). When the Study finished we made 2 groups. One group to pray for those in the team needed to invite Jesus in their lives ( I had 2 no Christian guys on my team) and the other was for those who decided to be baptize. What happened after was beyond my expectation. The Holy Spirit touched all of them so powerfully that it was very hard for me to close to meeting, and when I did that some of them stayed on the floor for another hour!!! Wow!!
The morning after some of the guys of the church toke us in a very poor area where they are trying to work for the Kingdom. We spend about 2 hours praying around this place for different reasons. A great experience with the Lord. In Coventry we had the most AMAZING dinner of our time in UK. Two guys of the church cooked a great meal for us and as Italians we have been shocked from IT!!!
Thank you VERY much for your love, care and kindness to us. You are in our hearts and prayers!!
London: Just a tourist and a funny time!! The Lord gave us a great week end providing everything we needed. I would like to give a big thank you to Rev. Richard to let us sleep for one night in his church “ The Methodist Center in Chelsea” Thank you for your kindness and for you trust. You have been a huge blessing for all of us. We visited some of the London’s highlights and we sow Prince Carlo and Camilla just 2 meters distance from us!! God is good and faithful!!
Please forgive me if I’m forgetting someone… all of you have been precious to us. Without you and your help we could never have this AMAZING time!! You have been part of that great plan the Lord Jesus had for these guys and He used all of you to be an instrument that could touch their lives for ever!! I Praise Him for each one of you… I really hope to see you again soon!!
May the Lord bless you!!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The last 2 days and we will leave for the first "mission" trip of Jesus Generation!!
The Lord has been amazing!! He provided everything for all of us to make this trip possible. 12 people will come with us and I would like to ask you to pray for them. 2 of them are not even Christian!!!
We will go to Sheffield, Oxford, Coventry and London!!Wow I still cannot imagine What the Lord can do in 10 days going around these places!!
I will try to update this Blog as much as I can.... Thank you for your Prayer!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

God is Good!! this is what I can say about my first wedding's preaching! I was very excited for almost all day and I was scared to say something wrong at the most wonderful day of this guys's lives. When the Pastor called me to preach.... I prayed telling to God " now, it's all about you... PLEASE HELP ME".

About 90 people were there and the most of them were youth adult.. and just 10 people were Christian! The Lord Jesus gave me a message from John 2 "the First Miracle at CANA". I shared the desire that Jesus still have to change people's lives from something "Normal" to soemthing" Very Specila" giving them an Abaundand life!

At the end of the service somebody came to me telling me " it was great" but It was not because me...I can tell you...God is the Great one!

The Lord Jesus made Cinzia's voice "Special" and new married couple had a wonderful time during the cerimony while Cinza sang some of the most beatiful Christian songs!

Praise HIM!!!!

We thank you for your prayer... we really appreciated them!!
Bless you